Interior Pool Resurface

There are several resurfacing alternatives available today to make your pool easier to maintain and more visually exciting.

Note that actual water color and finishes may differ from web and print samples. It is normal to have variations in color, shade and exposure. Influencing factors may include the water's depth, angle of sunlight, surrounding landscape, time of day and time of year. It is recommended to view finish samples wet, as appearance will change from dry viewing. The importance of balanced water chemistry cannot be overstated in its role in maintaining the appearance of quality pool and spa surface products.

Southwest Pool Finishers Featured Product: Beadcrete

Beadcrete is a simply unique architectural pool finish that creates magnificent light refraction in the water, spectacular by day, sensational at night with the pool lights on. Beadcrete finishes use small retro-reflective clear glass bead spheres combined with selected colored quartz that mirror light under the surface of the pool's water and create a vibrant sparkling finish of astounding aesthetic appeal.

Beadcrete is the very latest functional development in polymer modified cement/aggregate technology which results in improved durability, colorfast performance and a slip resistant, smooth-textured concrete pool finish that is easy on the skin and less likely to cause cuts and abrasions typical of traditional aggregate pool finishes. Click here to view samples and approximate water colors: Beadcrete Black & White Series, Beadcrete Rio Series, Beadcrete Crystal Series, and Beadcrete Splash Series.

Southwest Pool Finishers Featured Product: Stonescapes

Give your pool or spa the naturally beautiful look of a pebble-bottomed stream with StoneScapes! An inviting selection of colors and textures gives you the opportunity to express your own unique style. Click here to view swatches and approximate water color, and be sure to take a look at the unique features and benefits you receive when using StoneScapes.

Southwest Pool Finishers Featured Product: Marquis Pool Finishes

Premix Marquis Series pool finishes bring an old-world elegance to your pool with rich and vibrant colors - every day of the year. This superb finish of natural, durable quartz assures a strong, long-lasting finish warranted for 10 years. This natural exposed aggregate pool finish is slip-resistant and designed to resist chemical abuse, stains, etching and ugly blemishes. Choose from 16 premixed colors, or create custom colors on-site. Be assured that when you choose Marquis Finish, you are finishing with the best!

Waterline Tile

These little details are a source of dramatic change. For an instant face-lift, new waterline tile is an excellent choice.

Water Features

Cool rock waterfalls, wok pots and more. The sights and sounds of our water features enhance your outdoor enjoyment. Water features are available to fit any budget.

Lighting Options

Decorative, innovative lighting solutions can enhance both underwater and poolside enjoyment.

Acrylic Decking

Southwest Pool Finishers offers the very best in deck resurfacing with acrylic texturized deck coating. A great, natural look for a great deal less. This acrylic, textured deck coating is harder than most grades of concrete, and resists chipping, flaking and peeling. It's cool to the touch and is available in a variety of colors and carries a 2-year warranty. Acrylic decking can be applied to both old and new concrete surfaces. Use it on walkways, driveways, patios and entryways for a beautifully updated designer look.

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